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💖 Cosmopolitan Livingroom (Adult Menu) by Zen Creations
It may be cosmopolitan but it’s extremely cozy in my cabin.
This stylish livingroom set is from Zen Creations, it includes:
Cosmopolitan Sofa 13li [10 fabrics seat, 30 fabrics for left, right pillow and blanket & 3 wood]
Cosmopolitan Lamp 5li touch lamp shade to change lighting options
Cosmopolitan Vase with Twigs 4li
Cosmopolitan Rug 2li [9 textures]
Cosmopolitan End Table 1li
Cosmopolitan Coffee Table 1li
Cosmopolitan Books with Vase 2li [books 3 textures]
Cosmopolitan Wooden Boxes 2li
Cosmopolitan Wall Art 1li [14 textures]

WL – Annan Adored Unnatural Beauty

3 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Livingroom

  1. Wonderful photography, love the crisp clean line feel to this, the angle and surrounding walls go so perfectly with this scene, great choice of items selected, great shadows, great solo shots and blog postings, amazing work, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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