Zen Creations Hanging Out Decor Set for Hello Tuesday 50%

hanging out decor set for hello tuesday2hanging out decor set for hello tuesday3hanging out decor set for hello tuesday4hanging out decor set for hello tuesday5hanging out decor set for hello tuesday6hanging out decor set for hello tuesday7

💖 From Zen Creations Hanging Out Decor Set for Hello Tuesday 50%
Stool with 7 solo animations, 2 prims
Pouf with 9 solo animations, 2 prims
Ladder shelf, 1 prim
Book stacks, 2-3 prims each stack
Rug, 2 prims
Tick tack toe, 1 prim
Framed art, 1 prim each
Rolled art papers, 1 prim total
Pillows, 1 prim each


From Zen Creations Contempo Living Room

6contempo living room26contempo living room36contempo living room46contempo living room56contempo living room6

💖 From Zen Creations Contempo Living Room [Adult Menu]
Set includes:
Sofa (with adult menu), pillows and blanket disappear on touch, 14 prims
Chair, with 9 solo animations, 3 prims
Coffee Table, 1 prim
Standing lamp, 2 prims
Tripod lamp, 3 prims
Art frames, 6 prims for all
Tray, 1 prim
Potted plant, 2 prims
Vase, 3 prims
Rug, 1 prim
Set changes color and size using a HUD

*Fireplace not included, this comes with the Cabin Noir by [Bad Unicorn]

From Zen Creations French Farmhouse Kitchen

French Farmhouse Kitchen2French Farmhouse Kitchen3French Farmhouse Kitchen4French Farmhouse Kitchen5

💖 From Zen Creations French Farmhouse Kitchen [Adult Menu]
Set includes:
Island with counter top (with adult menu and kitchen animations), 4 prims
Fridge (with adult menu and kitchen animations), 7 prims
Sink with counter top (with kitchen animations and running water), 6 prims
Stove (with kitchen animations and light up burners), 7 prims
Chairs (with animations), 2 prims each
Table (with wipe table animation), 3 prims
Cabinet with counter top, 4 prims
Dish rack shelf, 2 prims
Upper cabinet, 2 prims
Stove fan, 2 prims
Chandelier, 5 prims
Rug, 1 prim
Brick wall, 5 prims
Wall molding, 1 prim each
Bonus items below included
Menu driven realistic food rezzing system with 54 food options (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and misc. categories)
Dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.
Small counter kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster, blender, microwave, etc.)
Island and fridge contains a total of 110 couple (sex, pleasure, cuddle) and 18 solo kitchen animations
Sink and stove contain a total of 9 solo kitchen animations
Each chair contains: 30 solo animations (eat/drink, various sits, reading book/newspaper, etc)
Table contains 1 solo (wipe table) animation
Set changes color and size using a HUD

From Zen Creations Chalet Bedroom

Chalet Bedroom2Chalet Bedroom3Chalet Bedroom4Chalet Bedroom5

💖 From Zen Creations Chalet Bedroom [Adult Menu]
Set includes:
Bed (with adult menu), very detailed, 23 prims
Fireplace (with adult menu), working fire, 4 prims
Chandelier, 5 prims
Bedside table, 2 prims
Candles, 2 prims each
Fireplace mirror, 6 prims
Set changes color and size using a HUD
Large pillows hide/show on touch making flat sleeping pillows appear. Hanging blanket on foot board hides/shows on touch. Each pillow and blanket change texture separately, giving you unlimited color combinations. Mattress can be tinted too.
*Art is from Zen Creations Essentials Bed Set

Free Spirit Sofa Set

Free Spirit2Free Spirit3Free Spirit4Free Spirit5Free Spirit6Free Spirit7

💖 From Zen Creations Free Spirit Sofa Set [Adult Menu]

Free Spirit Sofa 14li [sofa tint, pillow one 20, pillow two 15, pillow three 10, pillow four 20 and mid pillow 5 textures, blanket 5 and sofa legs 4]

Free Spirit Coffee table 4li [4 textures]

Free Spirit Candle 1 2li & Free Spirit Candle 2 2li [3 textures]

Free Spirit Art 1, 2, 3 & 4 1li each

Free Spirit Vase with twigs 4li

Free Spirit Buddah 1li

Free Spirit Tray 2 1li

Free Spirit Pear 1li

Free Spirit Book stack 3li [4 textures]

Free Spirit Elephant flower holder 4li [4 flower textures]

Free Spirit Tray 1 2li

touch large right pillow to remove pillows

touch candles to turn flame on/off


Scarlet Creative RainForest Hideaway Edited

From Zen Creations Purity Tub Set


💖 From Zen Creations Purity Tub Set [Adult & PG Menu]
Purity Tub 6li
Purity Tap 2li
Purity Shower Head 7li
Purity Chair 4li [9 textures towel] [26 textures]
Purity Stool 2li [26 textures]
Purity Blinds 1li [9 textures]
Purity Floor Towel 5li [9 textures]
Purity Inspiration Art 1 1li
Purity Inspiration Art 2 1li
Purity Shelf 1li
Purity Potted Plant 2li
Purity Oils 1li [7 textures]
Purity Cotton Ball Jar 6li
Purity Empty Jar 1li
Purity Wire Basket with Rolled Towels 2li [9 textures]
Purity Folded Towels 2li [9 textures]
Purity Tub Room Frame 1li

Cosmopolitan Livingroom

7Cosmopolitan Livingroom27Cosmopolitan Livingroom37Cosmopolitan Livingroom47Cosmopolitan Livingroom5

💖 Cosmopolitan Livingroom (Adult Menu) by Zen Creations
It may be cosmopolitan but it’s extremely cozy in my cabin.
This stylish livingroom set is from Zen Creations, it includes:
Cosmopolitan Sofa 13li [10 fabrics seat, 30 fabrics for left, right pillow and blanket & 3 wood]
Cosmopolitan Lamp 5li touch lamp shade to change lighting options
Cosmopolitan Vase with Twigs 4li
Cosmopolitan Rug 2li [9 textures]
Cosmopolitan End Table 1li
Cosmopolitan Coffee Table 1li
Cosmopolitan Books with Vase 2li [books 3 textures]
Cosmopolitan Wooden Boxes 2li
Cosmopolitan Wall Art 1li [14 textures]

WL – Annan Adored Unnatural Beauty

Flower Sale Set by Zen Creations for Hello Tuesday

💖 Flower Sale Set by Zen Creations for Hello Tuesday – 50% Flower Sale Set includes: Flower Sale Table 1li Flower Sale Sign 2li Flower Sale Flower Crate 3li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 1 2li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 2 2li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 3 2li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 4 2li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 5 2li Flower Sale Flowers Pot 6 2li Flower Sale Potted Plant Trio 2li Flower Sale Bush Basket 2li Flower Sale Fern 3li Scissors 1li Lantern 5li IW MP

Rustic Medieval Bed Set

Rustic Medieval Bed Set2Rustic Medieval Bed Set3Rustic Medieval Bed Set4Rustic Medieval Bed Set5Rustic Medieval Bed Set6Rustic Medieval Bed Set7Rustic Medieval Bed Set8Rustic Medieval Bed Set9Rustic Medieval Bed Set10Rustic Medieval Bed Set11Rustic Medieval Bed Set12

💖 Rustic Medieval Bed Set (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations
Blanket has 20 textures
Pillows, rug and table cloth each have 4 textures
sit on fireplace for animations
touch fire logs to turn fire on/off
touch lantern to turn flame on/off
Rustic Medieval Bed 8li
Rustic Medieval Fireplace 3li
Rustic Medieval Vase 1li
Rustic Medieval Horn 1li
Rustic Medieval Cow Skin Rug 2li
Lantern 2li
Rustic Medieval Night Table 1li