Japanese Aishiteru Bed by Zen Creations

Japanese Aishiteru BedJapanese Aishiteru Bed2Japanese Aishiteru Bed3Japanese Aishiteru Bed4

Japanese Aishiteru Bed 10li by 💖 Zen Creations

16 textures each for pillows, 60 textures for the blanket and the matress can be tinted. Everything has the option to be resized.

Japanese Aishiteru Twig in Vase 2li

Japanese Aishiteru Wall Table 1li

Japanese Aishiteru Wall Deco 1li each



Sabrinah Lazy Daze

SabrinahLazy Daze GazeboLazy Daze Gazebo2Lazy Daze Gazebo3Lazy Daze Gazebo4Lazy Daze Gazebo5

💖 Hair – *dafnis fat pack hair Sabrinah


💖 Skin – A R T E – Alice Skin – Suntan [Catwa]


💖 Bikini – Seniha. Doris Bikini @ PocketGacha [Free HUD]


💖 Lazy Daze Lounger – part of Lazy Daze Gazebo by Zen Creations


Head – CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2

Lazy Daze Gazebo (Adult Menu) by 💖 Zen Creations

Lazy Daze Gazebo 22li

Lazy Daze Lounger 3li [14 textures]

Lazy Daze Chairs 3li each [14 textures]

Lazy Daze Camp Fire 8li

Towels 2li

Surf Board 2li

Palm Trees 4li

Bamboo Torch 3li

Lazy Daze Adult Tub 9li


Serenity Tub Set by Zen Creations

Serenity ZenSerenity Zen2Serenity Zen3Serenity Zen4Serenity Zen5Serenity Zen6Serenity Zen7Serenity Zen8

Serenity Tub Set by 💖 Zen Creations

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

Tub (with adult menu), 6 prims

Shower head with on/off water, 6 prims

Wooden arbor, 10 prims

Rug, 2 prims

Hanging towel on branch rack, 3 prims total

Wooden plank with candles, 4 prims

Hanging willows, 3 prims

Lantern, 3 prims

Jar candles, 2 prims each

Arbor and other items are NOT attached to tub, all items can be used separately

ADULT TUB/SHOWER MENU [183 couple animations & 30 singles]

Tub animations also include rez and wear props


Bohemian Pohodli Pod by Zen Creations

Bohemian Pohodli PodBohemian Pohodli Pod1Bohemian Pohodli Pod2Bohemian Pohodli Pod3Bohemian Pohodli Pod4Bohemian Pohodli Pod5

Bohemian Pohodli Pod 10li available in PG & Adult by 💖 Zen Creations

Blanket[24 textures], 4 pillows [39 textures] , rug [5], cloth [9], lamp [4], each pot [pot 1, 3 textures, pots 2 & 3 5 textures], wicker [11] and table [4] all texture hud, you can also resize too.

Bohemian Pohodli Wall Hanging 6li

Pod Rope 1li

Optional Pod Floor Shadow 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Hooka 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Wool Rug 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Table 1li

Fur Rug 2li

Plant 1 6li

Plant 2  2li

Plant 3 2li

Bohemian Pohodli Beaded Wall Texture 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Hanging Lights 18li

Bohemian Pohodli light 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Guitar 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Guitar stand 1li


Funky Futon by Zen Creations

Funky FutonFunky Futon2Funky Futon3Funky Futon4Funky Futon5

Fabulously Stylish from 💖  Zen Creations

Funky Futon 16 li available in PG & Adult versions – Optional Wall shadow 1li

each cushion has 37 texture options and the option to tint

Funky Art 4 pictures 2li each

Funky Coffee Table 1li

Standing Lamp 4li touch for light

Plant 1 2li

Plant 2 3li

Plant 3 3li

Plant 4 3li

Magazines 2li