Body – EVE Cristal V1. This new body from Absolut Creation is BoM, so it has no layers. Included with the body is, Bento hands
Poses hands, Animation hands, Save preset hand poses, over 260 Alpha, optimization of the complexity avatar “3500”, optimization script “192 kb”, New 3 va gina option
You can delete you script body, Compatible with any bento animation, foot shape (pointy – high – flat), skin base, color system optimized, Bento, BOM “BakeOnMesh”
Fashion include (Mesh Dress underwear and shoes). For jewelry, EVE has hands VISTA compatible.
Head – EVEolution-Frida_Bento-Bom
Skin – Frida Skin by Absolut Creation
Skin – Body Fitness Tattoo [comes with Cristal body]
Outfit – [comes with Cristal body]


Other items:
Magika – Hair – Lilith

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