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From 💖 Zen Creations Neat as a Pin Laundry
Adult and PG versions both included in purchase

Set includes:
Cabinet (with adult menu), 5 prims
Sink cabinet, with animations and water on/off, 7 prims
Shelf, 1 prim
Washer and dryer with clothes spin on/off, 5 prims each
Clothes rack, 3 prims (hanging items are not attached)
Rugs, 2 or 3 prims each
Wall lamps with light on/off, 1 prim each
Art work, 1 prim each
Potted plant, 3 prims
Pitcher with wheat, 3 prims
Laundry hamper, 2 prims,
Empty baskets, 1 prim each
Basket with blankets, 2 prims total
Small accessories such as hangers, soaps etc, 1- 2 prims each
Laundry soap containers etc. also included
Set changes color and size using a HUD

Zen Creations IW
Zen Creations MP

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