Celina Heels and Socks from [Curve] for this round of Suicide Dollz


The shoes and socks from 💖 [Curve] are fitted for Maitreya only, you can wear the shoes with or without the socks as they are separate items. You can also ‘hide’ the bottom of the sock to make them legwarmers [pic 2]. The come with a hud with 6 colours for all parts and available now at Suicide Dollz.

The swimsuit is part of a set from 💖 La Perla, it also includes the cutest sandals, which I blogged here.

The gorgeous leg chains are from 💖 Supernatural, and are fitted for Maitreya body, and come in gold or silver and have a hud for the gems in 6 colours.

And one of my favourite hair at the moment is from 💖 redMint I love the ‘floppy’ casual up-do’s.

The make-up I’m wearing is by 💖 Arte and is in this months Catwa Powder Pack .

💖 Heels & Socks – [CV] – Celina – @ Suicide Dollz IW MP

💖 Leg Chains – .::Supernatural::.  Lanna IW MP

💖 Swimsuit – La Perla – Vedra @ Suicide Dollz IW MP

💖 Hair – (r)M Hair No.48’17 IW MP

💖 Make-up – A R T E – Powder Pack Catwa August 2017 IW MP

[ kunst ] – Cigarette & holder

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Background – anxiety %bachelor

Poses – Tuty – Winking Poses @ eBENTO

Enchanted Jasmine


This stunning new set from 💖 La Perla is available at The Enchantment Event, and consists of the dress, panties and ribbon heels, it comes with a colour hud and is for mesh bodies. Maitreya, Slink all, Belleza all and TMP.

The skin is from 💖 7 Deadly [S]kins and is the gift for day 15 of the Harvest Days give-away.  KLAASJE is a fantasy skin and comes for mesh and system bodies and in various tones, I am wearing Sand here. There are two versions for the ladies in this gift.

💖 Outfit – La Perla Jasmine set, available at The Enchantment EventIW MP

💖 Skin – 7 Deadly [S]kins – Klaasje day 15 gift. IW MP

💖 Poses – [DB]Poses – don’t be shy, [DB]Poses – just one second and [DB]Poses – hollow MP

💖 Chair – dirty LITBAG chair by “sources” @ Hipster Men’s Event IW MP

Build – Scarlet Creative Moderno House [Luxe Box August]

Naughty side


💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – “naughty side” MP

Shoes – #EMPIRE – Thunbergia [Luxe Box August]

Hair – Lamb. Drive [Luxe Box August]

Dress – ISON – michelle dress [Luxe Box August]

House – Scarlet Creative Moderno House [Luxe Box August]



Naughty Notes


Thank you to sweetvincent of 💖 Sources.

A very special chair to have a sweet moment and more.

In 4 different textures and one of them holds dirty notes!


– 11 single animations

– 10 cuddles animations

– 16 sex animations

also available in PG 5li each available 13th August at Hipster Men’s Event

💖 Sources LitBag Chair @ Hipster Men’s Event, 13th August. IW MP

Serendipity Designs – Store Wide Hunt Gifts


Everything you see here apart from the sky box is from Serendipity Designs, an absolutely gorgeous living room set. They are available as gifts from the store in world as part of a store wide hunt. August 15th – 30th.

💖 Serendipity Designs – Wood Cut Art 2li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Curtains 5li

Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG] 11li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Potted Philodendron 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Coffee Table 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Rug 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Art Wall 3li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Hall Shelf 10li

Serendipity Designs – Scrabble Family Art 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Console Table 6li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquil Dancers 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Heart Lamp R 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility End Table 1 1li

Serendipity Designs -Tranquility Cuddle Chair 1 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Armoire 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Trunk 10li


The net trap

The net trap

💖 Shirt – [CV] Shirt [01] – Maitreya only includes hud with 6 colours for main, lace and metals. @ Suicide Dollz IW MP

💖 Panties – [CV] Panty [02] – Maitreya only includes hud with 6 colours for main, lace and metals. IW MP

💖 Hair – (r)M Hair No.39’16 IW MP

💖 Rings – (r)M Pared-Down Bow Ring,(r)M Pared-Down Daisy Ring,(r)M VR Crown Ring IW MP RL

💖 Collar – (r)M, AD(o.02)-Posture Collar IW MP

Ribbon – (Add)SallieLanguage//TiedUpRibbonD(Pink)[Gacha]

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1


MacGuire Livingroom @ Swank Soon

MacGuire Livingroom Set

You can find everything included in my previous post here

Today I used:
💖Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Sofa (A)
💖 Serendipity Designs – MaGuire Loveseat
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Table Decor
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Sofa Table
💖 Serendipity Designs – MaGuire Coffee Table
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Modern Rug
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Light Box 1
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Curtains
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Honeycomb Mirrors
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Table Lamp
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Sideboard
💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Wall Candles IW MP
The set will be available at Swank soon.
Also used:
Apple Fall Old Manufactory
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal