Atch by Sources


💖 Chair – Atch by Sources available in black, blue, brown, orange, pink, red and white. Single, cuddle and adult menu.


07 Versus Event December

Versus Event December072Versus Event December073Versus Event December074Versus Event December075Versus Event December076

💖 07 Versus Event December 1st 12pm SLT
💖 Outfit – sass-[zinnia]- fitted for Maitreya, Freya and HG. Texture hud for sweater, skirt, heels and stockings
💖 Pose – X.T.C PoSes – Miss Funk Bento Set – includes 5 bento poses.
💖 Decor – [666] Gacha Box Circus 1 rare and 22 commons

Bee designs Winter Fun gacha

Winter Fun2Winter Fun3

💖Bee designs Winter Fun gacha @ Cosmopolitan
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 1 RARE 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 2 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 3 1li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 4 RARE 5li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 5 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 6 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 7 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 8 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha  9 2li
Bee designs Winter Fun gacha 10 1li
IW MP Gacha Centre

Xmas Tree Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


💖 Exclusive for SL Christmas Expo 2018 from .:Tm:.Creation – Open November 30 (8am SLT) to December 9 (8pm SLT), 2018
100% of sale goes to the Relay For Life

💖 .:Tm:.Creation Xmas Tree Merry Christmas C12
Christmas Tree potted with Merry Christmas words, decors and lights effects
Land Impact 13 – Approximate sizes: meters 1.5×1.5×3.2
Material enabled – You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish
Permission: COPY | MODIFY | NO TRANSFER – (script no mod)

Wild Boars and Wishes Do Come True

Wild Boars2Wild Boars3Wild Boars4Wild Boars5

💖 TLC is sponsor of the SL Relay For Life Christmas Expo. They have created 2 items for 100% profit to the American Cancer Society.
TLC ‘Wild Boars’, Winter & Autumn version, copy modify, 27 LI (Scene) Single items also in the pack.
TLC ‘Wishes Do Come True’, Christmas Tree, copy, 18 LI animated fairy lights the candles see the video here
50% profit to the American Cancer Society.: TLC ‘Boar piglets’