Zen Spa (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations

Zen Spa2Zen Spa3Zen Spa4Zen Spa5Zen Spa6Zen Spa7Zen Spa8Zen Spa9Zen Spa10Zen Spa11Zen Spa12Zen Spa13Zen Spa14Zen Spa15Zen Spa16

Zen Spa (Adult Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

This relaxing area is ideal for those spa treatments, to relax or just massage your loved one, after a hard day.


Zen Spa Table 12li [12 cloth textures] steps are linked

Rug – Zen spa Workout Rug 3li [6 textures]

Zen Spa – Folding table 1li

Zen Spa – Flower 3li

Single candle 1 2li

Single candle 2 2li

Zen Spa Room Divider 3li

Zen Spa – Shelf 3li

Zen Spa – Figurine 1 3li

Zen Spa – Figurine 2 3li

Zen Spa Branch Towel Holder 3li

Zen Spa Floor Shelf 3li

Rolled towels 1li

Folded towel 1 2li

Folded towel 2 2li

Zen Spa Feel Art 1li

Zen Spa Very Art 1li

Zen Spa Good Art 1li

The wood has 5 textures, touch step stool to disappear/reappear & sit on rug for rug animation menu.

This set also includes complimentary towels, wraps, robes and slippers for men and women.



Scarlet Creative Kaelyn Pleiades Cabin

Sway’s [Laurel] Window Blind


💖 DarkFire June Shorts

💖 DarkFire June Tube Top

Moon. Hair. // Imagination



Studio Livingroom (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations

Studio Living2Studio Living3Studio Living4Studio Living5Studio Living6Studio Living7Studio Living8Studio Living9Studio Living10

Studio Livingroom (Adult Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

For really any size room, studio, loft this stylish set is ideal.


Studio Sofa Bed 12li [Blanket, left & right pillows 16 textures]

Studio Coffee Table 2li [5 textures]

Studio Lounge 9li [Pillow 16 textures]

Studio Wall Light 8li

art 1li [5 textures]

Studio “Music” Neon Signs 6li

Studio Sofa Table 1li

rug 1li

Books 1li

Newspaper Stack 2li

Magazines 1 2li

Magazines 2 2li

Magazines 3 1li

– touch right pillow on sofa to pull in/out your sofa-bed, coffee table also disappears and reappears

– touch hanging light to change lighting options

– Complimentary brick wall included


Exclusive for Sense Event “The Boho” Sofa

The Boho Sofa2The Boho Sofa3The Boho Sofa4The Boho Sofa5The Boho Sofa6The Boho Sofa7The Boho Sofa8

Exclusive for Sense Event from 💖 .:Tm:.Creation (Open 15th July at 4PM SLT to 08th August, 2018)

Available in my store after 09th August

10% Discount

“The Boho” Sofa + Decors Sf2


Available in PG or Adult version


The Boho Sofa with anims. Prim count: 8 (LI)

No Poseball – No static poses – Scene Sequence play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each) – Bento animations included


Pillow Heart Ruffle Prim count: 1 (LI)

Rug w/ fringes Boho Prim count: 1 (LI)

Siamese Cat on Pillow Prim count: 1 (LI)

Boho Banner Post Prim count: 3 (LI)

PG Version: 226 animations 30 sec loop x each: 79 PG couple poses – 6 PG Scene Sequence for couple – Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 76 poses)

ADULT Version: 302 animations 30 sec loop x each: 79 PG + 38 ADULT couple poses – 6 PG + 4 ADULT Scene Sequence  for couple – Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 76 poses)


Puppy Love Dog Bed

Puppy Love Dog Bed2Puppy Love Dog Bed3Puppy Love Dog Bed4Puppy Love Dog Bed5Puppy Love Dog Bed6Puppy Love Dog Bed7

💖 Fapple have added a new store to the sim called Puppy Love and it will help you bring out your inner puppy

New from Fapple this amazingly cute dog bed.

💖 Dog Bed – Fapple– Puppy Love Dog Bed. This comes with texture hud [6] two beds, one without animations and one with human size animations. 5li


💖 Collar – Fapple – Collar UNISEX Dog Bone – Male and Female included with 8 texture hud – [Open Collar]


💖 Outfit – Seniha – Denis Suit @ Access Event opens 12th of July to 10th August. Includes: Top & Pantie separately – Controler Hud with 20 Solid Colors + 20 Ombre Colors + 8 Extra Patterns [ALL OPTIONS ONLY IN FATPACK] Multiple combinations – Sizes for dress : Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Physique & Hourglass – Single Items available [ONLY ONE COLOR+ ONLY OMBRE COLOR]


💖 Tattoo – [White~Widow] GetOut is 55L$ for July @ The Darkness Event!


Hair – little bones. Dion – Animated Gift

Skin – [ MUDSKIN ]_NANAMI # 2_100

Backdrop – anxiety %vhs


Shabby Livingroom (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations

Shabby Livingroom2Shabby Livingroom3Shabby Livingroom4Shabby Livingroom5Shabby Livingroom6Shabby Livingroom7Shabby Livingroom8Shabby Livingroom9Shabby Livingroom10

Shabby Livingroom (Adult Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

This [not too shabby] Shabby Livingroom Set includes:

Shabby Sofa 22 li [tintable] [pillows each have texture change]

Shabby Lounger 10li [tintable] [pillows and blanket each have texture change]

Shabby Trunk 2li

4 Candles 2-3li

Lantern 5li

Shabby Tree in Basket 3li

Table Lamp 2li

Shabby Sideboard 3li

Shabby Wall Window 1li

Shabby Art 1li

Shabby Rug 2li [6 textures]

touch pillows on sofa to disappear/re-appear

touch lights on tree to turn on/off

touch candles and lantern to turn flame on/off

touch lamp shade to change lighting options



Apt B // Forgotten Corner – Setup RARE [gacha]

Papasan Chairs (Adult & PG Menus) from Zen Creations

Papasan Chairs2Papasan Chairs3Papasan Chairs4Papasan Chairs5Papasan Chairs6Papasan Chairs7Papasan Chairs8

Papasan Chairs (Adult & PG Menus) from 💖 Zen Creations


3 chairs, each can be personalised with the included hud

Blanket, front and back pillow each have 18 textures.

Once seated you can click the cushions to hide them. Some poses automatically change cushion positions.

li 9


Bee Designs Flamingo Bedroom for The Chapter Four Event

Flamingo Bedroom2Flamingo Bedroom3Flamingo Bedroom4Flamingo Bedroom5Flamingo Bedroom6Flamingo Bedroom7Flamingo Bedroom8Flamingo Bedroom9Flamingo Bedroom10

💖 Bee Designs Flamingo Bedroom for The Chapter Four Event

Adult, child or child at heart, who wouldn’t love this amazing bedroom.

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 1 1li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 2 RARE 10li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 3 2li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 4 1li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 5 RARE 10li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 6 3li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 7 1li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 8 3li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 9 1li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 10 2li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 11 1li

Bee designs Flamingo Bedroom gacha 12 2li

IW MP Gacha Centre