NEW From 💖 Zen Creations Peacock Bed Set
Adult & PG versions both included. Each pillow, blanket and lamp shade texture change separately (23 fabric choices). Headboard texture changes. Mattress can be tinted to any color in spectrum. Unlimited texture change combinations! Pillows all hide show with one touch and making appear two flat sleep style pillows.
Set includes (all items are re sizable):
Bed (with adult menu), 24 prims
Night table, 1 prim
Lamp, 2 prims
Book stacks, 3 prims each stack
Willows in vase, 1 prim total
Mug, 1 prim
Rug, 5 prims
Open book, 1 prim

Zen Creations IW
Zen Creations MP

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