LoveGothic Archway

4LoveGothic Archway2

💖 .:Tm:.Creation Store and MP – LoveGothic Archway
Archway (physics enabled) with roses, plants, rocks, floor lights, crow – 100% Mesh – Prim count: 9 (LI) – Approximate sizes: wide 6,4 x deep 2 x height 4,6 meters
Available in PG or Adult version (no poseball) – You can unlink all pieces and use them as you like
PG Version: 90 standing animations for couple and 2 single persons 30 sec loop x each (no static poses) + 2 Pg Sequence x couple play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each).
ADULT Version: 110 standing animations for couple and 2 single persons 30 sec loop x each (no static poses) + 3 Sequence x couple (2 Pg and 1 Adult) play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each).


Fall Love – Autumn Winter Nature Scene

Autumn Winter Nature Scene2

💖 Exclusive for Swank Event by .:Tm:.Creation (Open 7th to 30th November, 2018)
10% Discount
Available in .:Tm:.Creation store after 1st December
💖.:Tm:.Creation “Fall Love” Autumn Winter Nature Scene AG11
100% ORIGINAL MESH – Available in PG or Adult version – Permission COPY/MOD/NO TRANSF:
Nature scene with addon Snow cover, rocks, blankets, pillows, grass, shrubs, foxes
-Fall Love Autumn Winter scene with anims. Land Impact: 12 – Approximate sizes: meters 4.9 wide x 3.6 deep.
-Snow Cover Addon: Land Impact: 5 – DECORS: ~Ground cover autumn and winter leaves Land Impact: 1 each
No Poseball – No static poses – Scene Sequence play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each) – Bento Animations included
-PG Version: 264 animations 30 sec loop x each: 89 PG couple poses – 7 PG Scene Sequence for couple – Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses)
-ADULT Version: 424 animations 30 sec loop x each: 89 PG + 80 ADULT couple poses  – 7 PG + 6 ADULT Scene Sequence  for couple – Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses)



New from Cherry Bloom for Cosmopolitan Event
💖 Outfit – Cherry Bloom – Zina Skirt & Panties, fitted for Maitreya body
💖 Outfit – Cherry Bloom – Zina Top & Sleeve, fitted for Maitreya body
💖 Boots – La Perla – Althea Boots – Jerky Turkey hunt gift, fitted for Maitreya, Slink & Belleza

Skin – [theSkinnery] Celine (LOGO Skin Applier) honey
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Type A W001 v1.2 – Mocap
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Hair – TRUTH / Ciara



💖 Outfit – *dafnis FAT PACK vanessa fitted for venus isis and freya, maitreya, slink phyquique and for slink hourglass – texture hud for top and pants.
💖 Body – Tonic – Curvy Beauty v5
💖 Head – Tonic – Sierra Bento Head v1.4

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Jane Mesh Hair w/Hat



💖 Amorie skin is at the Designer Showcase starting Nov 5th
💖 Skin – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – AMORIE omega FACE&BODY wearing apricot, butter, cotton candy, dew, pineapple and sand.
💖 Top – Cherry Bloom – Paloma Top – Fitted for Maitreya, fatpack and singles available [sleeve can be hidden], get it at Cosmopolitan Event
💖 Body – Tonic – Curvy Beauty v5
💖 Head – Tonic – Sierra Bento Head v1.4

Hair – Wasabi // Willow

Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018 from HEC

Womenstuff Hunt2 2018

Exclusive L$1 gift for Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018
💖 HEC (HUNT GIFT) – DOLLY CROCO GIFT OUTFIT VDFL-101. Standard (1 size), Belleza, eBODY 8.3, Maitreya, Slink
Multiple Sheer Levels (Mix & Match: high, semi, low, opaque). Multiple Glow Levels (mix & match). Full-bright On/Off (mix & match). Show/Hide (ALL)
Inventory, Screen & Lag Friendly (1 item/size, 1 HUD, 1 script). Materials Enabled (Full use of Advanced Lighting Model). Original Realistic Textures (best with ALM on). 100% Mesh.
Exclusive L$1 gift for Womenstuff Gridwide Hunt 2018
HEC Hint: Get comfy and enjoy your gift
All Hints

💖 Stockings – HEC – “Catherine” Thigh Highs FATPACK OS-00 * MAITREYA LARA
5 parts (top-band, main, back-seam, heels, toes), 4 main fabrics, 5 band fabrics (3 lacy, 2 rib stitched), 5 seam/heel fabrics (opaque or any main fabric), each one letting you mix & match unlimited colors, multiple sheer & glow levels. You can even show/hide the stockings with the click of a button. The stockings should fit in most shoes by default, but the HUD also lets you hide the heel, the toe and even the top-band.
💖 Nails – LIC – Spider Claws – Fitted for Maitreya, Slink, Tonic & Tuty. Comes with large texture hud.

Heels – N-core ARACHNID
Hair – TRUTH / Batty

Rustic Medieval Bed Set

Rustic Medieval Bed Set2Rustic Medieval Bed Set3Rustic Medieval Bed Set4Rustic Medieval Bed Set5Rustic Medieval Bed Set6Rustic Medieval Bed Set7Rustic Medieval Bed Set8Rustic Medieval Bed Set9Rustic Medieval Bed Set10Rustic Medieval Bed Set11Rustic Medieval Bed Set12

💖 Rustic Medieval Bed Set (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations
Blanket has 20 textures
Pillows, rug and table cloth each have 4 textures
sit on fireplace for animations
touch fire logs to turn fire on/off
touch lantern to turn flame on/off
Rustic Medieval Bed 8li
Rustic Medieval Fireplace 3li
Rustic Medieval Vase 1li
Rustic Medieval Horn 1li
Rustic Medieval Cow Skin Rug 2li
Lantern 2li
Rustic Medieval Night Table 1li

Winter Set

Winter set2Winter set3Winter set4Winter set5Winter set6Winter set7Winter set8

💖 Winter Set by “sources” for 6 Republic 6th November.
In this set:
Sofa 11li available in blue, graffiti, grey & louis [single, cuddle and adult]
Rug 4li available in beige, grey & light grey
Stool 5li available in metal blue, white, green & grey [single and couple sits]
Plant pot 5li available in beige balls, blue balls, green balls, pink balls and white balls
Low table 5li with texture change neon bulb.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear2Perfect Love Casts Out Fear3Perfect Love Casts Out Fear4Perfect Love Casts Out Fear5Perfect Love Casts Out Fear6Perfect Love Casts Out Fear7

💖 uK – Telluric Full Set
uK – Telluric Pillow Bench 5li [this item is decor only and very beautiful!]
uK – Telluric Candle Display 2li
uK – Telluric Wood Tables 1li
uK – Telluric Throw Rug 2li
uK – Perfect Love Marquee 1li [I love the message]
uK – Telluric Vase w/ Limbs 1li

The Rock

The Rock2

💖 Exclusive for DUBAI Event from .:Tm:.Creation (Open October 20th 12pm SLT to 10th November, 2018)
10% Discount
Available in .:Tm:.Creation store after 11th November, 2018

💖 .:Tm:.Creation “The Rock” Nature scene GM18

Rock with wild grass, flowers, ivy
Prim count: 15 (LI)
Approximate sizes: meters 10 wide x 8.3  deep x height 5,4 (size only rock 9.1×6.7×5.4)
Material enabled – You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish
*Addictional grass for decors: Prim count 1 (LI)
The pieces is 100% mesh, if you modify size the prim count (Land Impact) will change up or down, same applies if you unlink or link other pieces

WL – Foggy