This is Pixie2This is Pixie3This is Pixie4This is Pixie5This is Pixie6This is Pixie7This is Pixie8This is Pixie9This is Pixie10This is Pixie11This is Pixie12This is Pixie13

At eBento this October a brand new beautiful Bakes on Mesh compatible bento head from 💖 Tonic.
She is called Pixie and is a delight. Pixie has multiple ear shapes [hide/human/pixe]. The skin is brand new made by PinkFuel just for Pixie and the eyeshadows are brand new made by AlaskaMetro just for Pixie.
Here I am showing all skin tones, the first six are plain and the last six with freckles.
💖 Head – Tonic – Pixie Bento Head
💖 Body – Tonic – Curvy Beauty v5.1
Tonic IW
Tonic MP

Other items:
Stealthic – Sultry hair

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