Book Lover Bedroom2Book Lover Bedroom3Book Lover Bedroom4Book Lover Bedroom5Book Lover Bedroom6Book Lover Bedroom7Book Lover Bedroom8Book Lover Bedroom9

Book Lover Bedroom (Adult & PG Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

Book Lover Bed 15li [Adult & PG sets included] pillows, blankets and wood are texture change, the mattress & headboard you can tint.

Books on the bed 1li each

Book Lover Art 1li each

Rug 5li

Floor Lamp 4li

Table Lamp 3li

Bedside Table 1li

Book Stack under table 1li

Book Lover Book Shelf including books 6li

Tray 2li

Newspaper Stack 2li

Book Stack in tray 3li


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