The Closet of D2The Closet of D3The Closet of D4The Closet of D5The Closet of D6The Closet of D7The Closet of D8The Closet of D9The Closet of D10The Closet of D11

This set will be a stunning addition to any kink’s collection, the attention to detail is amazing
The Closet of D is the latest 💖 Fapple product available from September 5th at the mainstore as part of the PocketShop HUD.
The set includes the closet, a rubber carpet, a vase with twigs, a wooden trunk, a framed quote and a bondage chair. The chair has a few single, femdom and maledom animations and rlv capture.

Other items used for the set from Fapple:
Angel Oak Gacha & Kama Sutra Cabinet Full Set Gacha
hive – simple skybox

WL – Annan Adored Realistic Ambient

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