Ocean Secret

Ocean Secret2Ocean Secret3Ocean Secret4Ocean Secret5

💖 Skin – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – FOCUS omega FACE&BODY wearing dew for the Cosmetic Fair 15th July – July 31st.


💖 Leg Chains – Supernatural – Ocean Secret – for Pocket Gacha July – These are rigged for Maitreya body, 1 rare for bothe legs and texture hud & 8 commons [right side only]


The PocketGacha HUD is available at:-


💖 Outfit – {LP} – Araceli  Babydoll, Panties & heels – for this round of Suicide DollZ, July 29th at 0:00 pm slt. Fitted for Maitrey, Slink and Belleza



💖 Eyes – A R T E – Infinity Eyes [Catwa]. Eye applier compatible with LeLutka & Catwa mesh heads. 10 options.


Hair – TRUTH – Fiji

Poses – FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL2


Life is a beach and I love it!

Aroa Obscura2Aroa Obscura3Aroa Obscura4Aroa Obscura5Aroa Obscura6Aroa Obscura7

Tattoo – Von Noir Tattoo – The Obscura @ 💖 Versus Event comes in three tans and appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature and Slink.

💖 Outfit – Seniha. Aroa – @ POCKETGACHA Pocket gatcha Opens 15th June – 14th July – 12 Commons – 6 Rares & 1 Ultrarare [FATPACK WITH HUD TRANSFER] – Option buy FATPACK – Controler Hud with 15 Solid Colors + 10 Patterns Fatpack ‘Multiple combinations’ Sizes Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis and Freya.


Hair – TRUTH / Gwen [VIP]

Chair/Pose – [ Focus Poses ] Beach Chairs with poses [Hello Tuesday]

Angel Oak Decor from Fapple for PocketGacha

Angel Oak2

Angel Oak3
Side table – Cigar in ashtray
Angel Oak4
Standing clock – Standing lamp
Angel Oak5
Steampunk fireplace animated flame projection
Angel Oak6
Pouf with blanket and book [click to listen to audio book] – Bookcase
Angel Oak7
Wine cart
Angel Oak8
Sub hook with sub animations, particle cuff and chains

Angel Oak9Angel Oak10

Angel Oak11
Arch with gem stone curtain (with animated texture, so they twinkle nicely), 3 of them in the box, they are modify, so you could remove the wood and hang it in your own doorway
Angel Oak12
Coffee table – Tulip vase – Sitting lamp
Angel Oak13
Rare Sofa with blanket and cushions with bento cuddles and solo sits
Angel Oak14
Multi sit sofa can hold 3 Doms and 3 subs
Angel Oak15
2 Rugs

Angel Oak16Angel Oak17

Angel Oak18
sub pillow with kneel animations

Angel Oak19

Angel Oak GACHA

Stunning collection from 💖 Fapple for PocketGacha this month.

This beautifully crafted set compliments The Angel Oak Tree BDSM Skybox [past blog]

Event on now till 14th July

16 commons and 1 rare to collect

PocketGacha IW MP

💖*Fapple- Angel Oak Cuddle Sofa RARE 12li

*Fapple- Cigar on Ashtray 2li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Side Table 2li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Standing Lamp 3li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Clock 8li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Fire Place 10li with lovely projected firelight

*Fapple- Angel Oak Book Shelves 8li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug 1 5li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug 2 5li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Kneeling Lamp 3li

*Fapple- Shakespeare Tullips 4li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Coffee Table 5li

*Fapple- Arch with Gem Curtain 6li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Poof 6li click to Listen to the Midsummernight’s Dream audio book on Youtube

*Fapple- Angel Oak Sub Pillow 7li kneel sits

*Fapple- Angel Oak Wine Cart 5li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Multi Sit Femdom Themed 7li

*Fapple- Angel Oak Sub Hook 16li

**The set is also available to purchase copy/mod

***Fapple members will soon have the opportunity to get texture hud for the sofas

💖 Also used:

Fapple- BDSM Tool Box – *Fapple- Endless Love Bedroom

Fapple- Endless Love Spanking Bench – *Fapple- Endless Love Bedroom

Fapple- Glass and Wood Wall – *Fapple- Endless Love Bedroom

Fapple- Lamp Rail – *Fapple- Endless Love Bedroom

Fapple- Pillory Drawers RARE – Fapple- The Rodion Gacha

Fapple- Crime and Punishment Book – Fapple- The Rodion Gacha



PP – SaltBox @ Versus Event 1st July

Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss2Summer Bliss3Summer Bliss4Summer Bliss5Summer Bliss6Summer Bliss7Summer Bliss8Summer Bliss9Summer Bliss10

💖 Skin – A R T E – Marilyn Skin – Fair [Catwa] @ The Vintage Fair – June 8th – 24th Catwa head only and Maitreya Body in fair, suntan and porcelain.


💖 Hair – *dafnis – Curly Long Mesh Hair


💖 Lipstick – A R T E – Summer Bliss Lipstick [Catwa] @ Limit8 June 18th


💖 Outfit – Seniha Aroa – @ POCKETGACHA Pocket gatcha Opens ’15th June’ – ’14th July’ – 12 Commons – 6 Rares & 1 Ultrarare ((FATPACK WITH HUD TRANSFER)) – Option buy FATPACK – Controler Hud with 15 Solid Colors + 10 Patterns Fatpack ‘Multiple combinations’ Sizes Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis and Freya.


Limited Edition – Summer Bliss Lipstick [Catwa] @ Limit8 – only 100 copies


Sabrinah Lazy Daze

SabrinahLazy Daze GazeboLazy Daze Gazebo2Lazy Daze Gazebo3Lazy Daze Gazebo4Lazy Daze Gazebo5

💖 Hair – *dafnis fat pack hair Sabrinah


💖 Skin – A R T E – Alice Skin – Suntan [Catwa]


💖 Bikini – Seniha. Doris Bikini @ PocketGacha [Free HUD]


💖 Lazy Daze Lounger – part of Lazy Daze Gazebo by Zen Creations


Head – CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2

Lazy Daze Gazebo (Adult Menu) by 💖 Zen Creations

Lazy Daze Gazebo 22li

Lazy Daze Lounger 3li [14 textures]

Lazy Daze Chairs 3li each [14 textures]

Lazy Daze Camp Fire 8li

Towels 2li

Surf Board 2li

Palm Trees 4li

Bamboo Torch 3li

Lazy Daze Adult Tub 9li


Doris Bikini @ PocketGacha

AD-DORIS-BIKINIDoris BikiniDoris Bikini2Doris Bikini3Doris Bikini4Doris Bikini5

💖 Seniha. Doris Bikini –  @ POCKETGACHA Pocket gatcha – 6 Common – 4 Rares & 2 Ultrarares – Option buy FATPACK and DEMO – Controler Hud with 15 Solid Colors + 12 Patterns Fatpack ‘Multiple combinations’ – Sizes Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis and Freya. Try Demo before you buy. POCKET GACHA INFO: You only need the HUD to play! You can find it for free here: MP

The Murderous Mermaid

Snapshot_002Snapshot_003Snapshot_004Snapshot_005Snapshot_006Snapshot_007Snapshot_008Snapshot_009Snapshot_010Snapshot_011Snapshot_012Snapshot_013Snapshot_014Snapshot_015Snapshot_016Snapshot_018The Murderous Mermaidz


PocketGacha opens a new round and 💖 Fapple participates with The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom Gacha, which includes some pretty amazing prizes

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Aquarium Sink RARE has fish which you can choose to rez

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Cart holds your toiletry needs

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Plant

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Dive Helmet

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Brush someones gotta do it!

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Paper Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet with fun poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Pee to sit fun little sign

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Rolls Stack

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Mermaid Painting

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wood Shower Mat

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Shower BDSM RARE with single and couple poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Fluffy Stool

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Towel Hanger

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Towel Heater

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Shell Mobile click for sound and rotation, very relaxing

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Rug

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- BDSM Ceiling Rack RARE with single poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Tub RARE with single and couple poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Nautical Lantern

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall Lights

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Mirror

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Sink Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Peen Towel Hanger

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Laundry Basket

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Closet

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Robe

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall no shadow

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall behind tub

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall Left Tub

Fapple – The Rodion Gacha for PocketGacha

Fapple - The Rodion GachagFapple - The Rodion GachahFapple - The Rodion GachaiFapple - The Rodion GachajFapple - The Rodion GachakFapple - The Rodion GachalFapple - The Rodion GachamFapple - The Rodion GachanFapple - The Rodion Gacha


💖 Fapple – The Rodion Gacha for PocketGacha MP

💖 Fapple– The Rodion Cage RARE 10li

Fapple- Rodion Spanking Chair RARE 3li

Fapple- The Rodion BDSM Pommel RARE 6li

Fapple- Pillory Drawers RARE 6li

Fapple- Rodion Lamp 8li

Fapple- The Spanking Guide 2li

Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack 6li

Fapple- Letter Cubes SAFE WORD 8li

Fapple- The Rodion Mask 2li

Fapple- Letter Cubes MY RULES 5li

Fapple- The dream of the mare 4li

Fapple- The murder of Alyona Ivanovna 1li

Fapple- Crime and Punishment Book 1li

Fapple- Silky Lube and Tissue 2li

Fapple- Letter Cube YZ!?@ 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube STUVWX 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube MNOPQR 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube GHIJKL 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube ABCDEF 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube BDSM Pictures 1li

Fapple- Rubber Carpet 2li

Fapple- Rodion Wall Table 2li