Next to me

aTokyo Gold Bedroom (4)bTokyo Gold BedroomcTokyo Gold Bedroom (5)dTokyo Gold Bedroom (2)eTokyo Gold Bedroom (3)Next to mezMeow!


💖 Make-up – A R T E – Powder Pack Catwa September 2017 :

💖 A R T E – Honey Lips [Catwa] – Honey Lips (7 options)

💖 A R T E – Meow! Eyeshadow [Catwa] – Meow! Eyeshadow (10 options)

💖 A R T E – Myst Eyes [Catwa] – Myst Eyes (6 options)

💖 Necklace – .::Supernatural::. Mei Choker [Pink],.::Supernatural::. Mei Necklace #1 [Pink],.::Supernatural::. Mei Necklace #2 [Pink] @ Tres Chic. available in Gold and Silver with Black, Pink, Red and White stones.

💖 Hand – .::Supernatural::. Darling Set [Maitreya] Pink Gold @ 4Mesh also for Vista hands

💖 Bracelet – .::Supernatural::. Romance Bracelets White Gold @ Cosmopolitan

Lingerie – erratic

Hair – [monso] My Hair – Jane

And the lovely decor:

💖 Floor Cushion – Fapple – The Favorite’s Cushion 3li [this has some fun things to do]

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Bedroom

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Bed 24li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Bench 8li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Dresser 2li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Gong 1li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Lamp 3li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Buddha 1li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Nightstand 2li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Potted Bamboo 4li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Room Divider 6li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tokyo Gold Peacock Panels 1li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Natural Cherry Blossom Rug 1li

[PSI] BOSTON Studio Loft Small


Ultra Creepy Cute

aPoda Sofa BluebOlaby RugcPODA sofa CORALdHoldable Creepy ToysePODA sofa grey Serendipity toofOLABY grey rugzzBee Designs Creepy Cute Toys Gacha


My jaw just dropped when I seen this new release from 💖Sources for the Ultra Event.

I’m so loving the design of this new sofa, but the rug just blows me away.

It’s one of the most unique items I’ve ever come across and looks amazing.

The sofa called Poda comes in Blue, Grey and Coral, and all are lovely.

The rugs, Olaby come in Blue, White, Red and Grey, and like the sofa come in Adult and PG version and are 6li.

💖 Sofa – PODA sofa blue, by Sources @ Ultra Event

💖 Rug/Table – OLABY blue rug, by Sources @ Ultra Event

Cute and Creepy, just loving these dolls from 💖Bee Designs, available to win at Cosmopolitan Event:

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Gothic Doll 1 RARE 2li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Gothic Doll 2 RARE 2li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Voodoo Doll- Boy 1li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Voodoo Doll -girl 1li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Ghost 1li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha -Bat 1li

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Gothic Doll 1 Add

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Gothic Doll 2  Add

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Ghost – Add

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Voodoo Doll- Boy Add

💖 Bee Designs  Creepy Cute  Toys Gacha Voodoo Doll- Girl add

💖 Serendipity Designs -Dandelion Plank Art 1li

💖 Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Curtains 5li

💖 Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Curtains 5li [Hunt gift]

Fireplace – LISP – Craftsman Fireplace [FLF]

Wreath – {what next} Framed – ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit) [FLF]

Tree – {what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Mini Tree (lit) [FLF]

Build – Scarlet Creative Kaelyn Pleiades Cabin [Luxe Box September]



💖 Skin – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – SALT  omega FACE&BODY wearing Taupe available now at 4Mesh in lots of shades also shape available.

💖 Head/Body – Altamura Monique NEW Full body Bento head, available now at 4Mesh

💖 Necklace – .::Supernatural::. Bailey  ALL -Red Gold-

💖 Sofa – Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG] [past hunt gift]

Hair – Exile – Into the Sky 5 Color Naturals pack [former FLF]

Pose – oOo Studio: Thoughts [former FLF]

The feeling in my heart when I look at her

[DB]Poses - the feeling in my heart when i look at her


💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – “the feeling in my heart when i look at her” includes phone and nail polish.

💖 Chair – Serendipity Designs -Tranquility Cuddle Chair [past hunt gift]

💖 Dresser – Serendipity Designs – The Marilyn Dresser  – White

💖 Mirror – Serendipity Designs – MacGuire Honeycomb Mirror [part of MacGuire Living Room]

Adorable Madeleine Dolls by Bee Designs

Madeleine DollsXGoldenHeartsGlamConsoleYBee Designs Madeleine Dolls GachaZBee Designs Madeleine Dolls Gacha Key


These absolutely gorgeous little dolls are ready for you to win at Cosmopolitan Event

There are 5 deco dolls along with 2 boxed and 5 wearable dolls

As you can see from the gacha key, the rares are one wearable with a boxed doll and one deco with a boxed doll and they are so adorable.

I did rezz all out to show you how they look, the smaller dolls are the wearable ones.

💖 Bee Designs Madeleine Dolls Gacha – Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Event IW MP Gacha

💖 Serendipity Designs – Golden Hearts Wall Decor [hereIW MP

💖 Serendipity Designs – Glam Console Table – Super White [hereIW MP

Cuteness Overload – Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha

Bee Designs Teddy Bears GachaSerendipity Designs - TranquilityXBee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha Key


I just can’t choose my fave here I love each and every cute lil bear in this gacha collection.

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha -Ladybug RARE

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Bumble Bee RARE

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha –  Giraffe

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Angel

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Cheetah

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 1

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 2

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 3

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Cow

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Elephant IW MP Gacha

The furniture is available as gifts from the store in world as part of a store wide hunt. August 15th – 30th. You can see all the fab items here.

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Trunk

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Rug

💖Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG]

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility End Table

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquil Dancers

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Heart Lamp

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Potted Philodendron IW MP

Scarlet Creative Glamiping Yurt Natural

Serendipity Designs – Store Wide Hunt Gifts


Everything you see here apart from the sky box is from Serendipity Designs, an absolutely gorgeous living room set. They are available as gifts from the store in world as part of a store wide hunt. August 15th – 30th.

💖 Serendipity Designs – Wood Cut Art 2li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Curtains 5li

Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG] 11li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Potted Philodendron 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Coffee Table 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Rug 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Art Wall 3li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Hall Shelf 10li

Serendipity Designs – Scrabble Family Art 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Console Table 6li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquil Dancers 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Heart Lamp R 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility End Table 1 1li

Serendipity Designs -Tranquility Cuddle Chair 1 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Armoire 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Trunk 10li