Valentine Hunt 2018

Valentine Hunt 2018
Love Dress
Stockings & Robe
Hanna Dress


💖 Dress – La Perla Love Dress – Gift for Valentine Hunt 2018, stores participating are, La Perla, FurtaCorLexicoCrystal Poses & MP, this dress is fitted for standard sizes, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza

Also from the hunt by La Perla:

💖 Stockings – Maitreya, Belleza & Omega

💖 Robe – Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Fitmesh sizes

💖 Hanna Dress – Maitreya, Belleza & Slink

Hair – Tableau Vivant Editorial Laying [gacha]


Jenny for WOH



💖 Altamura: “JENNY” Gift  WOH Bento Fullbody is a beautiful gift for you this season, it includes: animation packs for face and hands & body hud for alpha and feet position

*This gift is not Omega System friendly*

💖 Body/Head – Altamura: 2- “Jenny” Free Bento Fullbody

💖 Outfit – Gulabi – Sitara Choker – Gulabi – Sitara Skirt – Gulabi – Sitara Top

Hair – TRUTH / Ginevra with Headband

EVE Adaptive feet

EVE Adaptive-feet


💖 Feet – *!* EVE Adaptive feet -v9-Slim – pointy, these are separate feet you can buy to wear Slink Pointe footwear.

💖 Body – *!* EVE  slim V9

💖 Head – *!* EVE‘olution-head-Beta 4b BENTO

💖 Lingerie – *!*EVE-Bra Slim & *!*EVE-String Slim

Hair – Besom~Clueless [Once Upon A Nightmare Hunt Gift]

Think a little less, live a little more

Think a little less, live a little more

💖 Body/Head – Altamura: 2-“ROBERT” Free Bento Fullbody free for MOH10

💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – “think a little less, live a little more”

Outfit – GIZ SEORN – Group Gift 1


Pup – Jian [past Luxe Box]

Introducing Robert

[DB]Poses - missing you
[DB]Poses – missing you
[DB]Poses - nothing left to say
[DB]Poses – nothing left to say

An amazing and very generous Gift for MOH10 from 💖 Altamura

💖 Altamura: 2-“ROBERT” Free Bento Fullbody

💖 Altamura:  1- “ROBERT”Body Shape

💖 Altamura: 1- “ROBERT” Eyebrows shape

💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – missing you


Hair – Exile::Tommy


Bottom pic:

💖 Altamura: 2-“ROBERT” Free Bento Fullbody

💖 Altamura:  1- “ROBERT”Body Shape

💖 Altamura: 1- “ROBERT” Eyebrows shape

💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – nothing left to say


Cuteness Overload – Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha

Bee Designs Teddy Bears GachaSerendipity Designs - TranquilityXBee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha Key


I just can’t choose my fave here I love each and every cute lil bear in this gacha collection.

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha -Ladybug RARE

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Bumble Bee RARE

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha –  Giraffe

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Angel

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Cheetah

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 1

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 2

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Butterfly 3

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Cow

💖Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha – Elephant IW MP Gacha

The furniture is available as gifts from the store in world as part of a store wide hunt. August 15th – 30th. You can see all the fab items here.

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Trunk

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Rug

💖Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG]

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility End Table

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquil Dancers

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Heart Lamp

💖Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Potted Philodendron IW MP

Scarlet Creative Glamiping Yurt Natural

Serendipity Designs – Store Wide Hunt Gifts


Everything you see here apart from the sky box is from Serendipity Designs, an absolutely gorgeous living room set. They are available as gifts from the store in world as part of a store wide hunt. August 15th – 30th.

💖 Serendipity Designs – Wood Cut Art 2li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Curtains 5li

Serendipity Designs – The Tranquility Sofa [PG] 11li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Potted Philodendron 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Coffee Table 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Rug 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Art Wall 3li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Hall Shelf 10li

Serendipity Designs – Scrabble Family Art 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Console Table 6li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquil Dancers 1li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Heart Lamp R 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility End Table 1 1li

Serendipity Designs -Tranquility Cuddle Chair 1 4li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Armoire 5li

Serendipity Designs – Tranquility Trunk 10li