TLC Stilt Collection


Now at the Cosmopolitan 7th Anniversary round:

💖 TLC Stilt Collection with Habitat, includes: Mesh Stilts (1 LI, copy modify), Hybrid Stilt objects (4/12 LI, copy), Animesh Stilts (30 LI, copy) in 4 texture options (click to change), and habitat.
Turtle set Anniversary gift.

|T|L|C| are participating at the Rock Your Rack event to raise funds for the Breast Cancer foundation

Garden with WingsvGarden with WingswGarden with WingsxGarden with WingsyGarden with WingszGarden with Wings


💖 |T|L|C| are participating at the Rock Your Rack event to raise funds for the Breast Cancer foundation.

Rock your Rack runs September 29 – October 13, event location: The Aftershock

> 100% donation exclusive item ‘|T|L|C| Butterfly bed’

> 100% donation exclusive 10L hunt item ‘|T|L|C| watering can’

> The complete set ‘|T|L|C| Garden with Wings’

I also used:

💖 |T|L|C| Wolf Laying

💖 |T|L|C| Heron

💖 |T|L|C| Male  White Peacock Tail Up

💖 |T|L|C| Hummingbird bush

💖 |T|L|C| Egret

💖 |T|L|C| Sunflower field with birds

Sunflower field with birds by |T|L|C|

Sunflower field with birdsvSunflower field with birdswSunflower field with birds

xSunflower field with birds
European Goldfinch, American Goldfinch & American Robin

ySunflower field with birdszSunflower field with birds


Stunning new release from 💖 |T|L|C| this sunflower scene for Autumn, it also comes with extra birds and is modify, just stunning in my honest opinion. The scene is only 28li when rezzed and the birds are animated and 1li each. European Goldfinch, American Goldfinch & American Robin

Animated Autumn Scenery ‘💖 TLC Sunflower field with birds’ @ The Cosmopolitan

Little piece of Zen

Little piece of ZenLittle piece of Zen1Little piece of Zen2Little piece of Zen3Little piece of Zen4


A stunning new release from 💖 |T|LC| for Ultra Event.

The ‘Little piece of Zen’ is a lovely peaceful garden, with water features and plants.

You can also add the newly updated feed-able Koi that comes with a feeding urn, the busy dragon flies and the Red Crowned Crane. The fish and dragonflies can be configured to move around naturally.

The fat-pack includes:

💖 |T|L|C| Little piece of Zen, the Koi, Crane and Dragonflies.

*Outer fence is not included

Re-modelling with |T|L|C|

Wolves in my garden

Wolves in my gardenPandas too

Pandas too!My front door view

My front door viewBeach view

Beach viewJust me working

Just me working ^^

I’m in the process of re-modelling my home, getting rid of a lot of clutter and can finally put out my beloved animals [well most of them!]

All featured here are from |T|L||C| most of them are animated but in a gentle way and very low prim.

💖 |T|L|C| Pack of wolves, animated with texture change coats and winter breathe, the sitting wolf has a howling animation.

💖 |T|L|C| Panda Grove.

💖 |T|L|C| Turtle and baby, Cormorant, Heron and Egret.