From Zen Creations Purity Tub Set


💖 From Zen Creations Purity Tub Set [Adult & PG Menu]
Purity Tub 6li
Purity Tap 2li
Purity Shower Head 7li
Purity Chair 4li [9 textures towel] [26 textures]
Purity Stool 2li [26 textures]
Purity Blinds 1li [9 textures]
Purity Floor Towel 5li [9 textures]
Purity Inspiration Art 1 1li
Purity Inspiration Art 2 1li
Purity Shelf 1li
Purity Potted Plant 2li
Purity Oils 1li [7 textures]
Purity Cotton Ball Jar 6li
Purity Empty Jar 1li
Purity Wire Basket with Rolled Towels 2li [9 textures]
Purity Folded Towels 2li [9 textures]
Purity Tub Room Frame 1li


Bee Designs Coastal Bathroom Gacha for Cosmopolitan

Coastal Bathroom2Coastal Bathroom3Coastal Bathroom4Coastal Bathroom5Coastal Bathroom6Coastal Bathroom7Coastal Bathroom8Coastal Bathroom9

zBee designs Coastal Bathroom gacha 55L cosmo

💖 Bee Designs  Coastal Bathroom Gacha for Cosmopolitan

Perfect for any bathroom, be it coast or inland, this set has it all.

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 1 RARE 10 li, with couple bento animations and water or foam options to fill the tub.

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 2 3li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 3 1li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 4 RARE 14li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 5 1lli

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 6 1li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 7 1li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 8 2li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 9 1li

Bee designs  Coastal Bathroom gacha 10 1li

IW MP Gacha Centre

Six o’clock – TNL – Konsol Summer House – WHITE @ Cosmopolitan

Snug Cabin Bath & Shower Set from Zen Creations

.My Snug CabinMy Snug Cabin2My Snug Cabin3My Snug Cabin4My Snug Cabin5My Snug Cabin6My Snug Cabin7

Snug Cabin Bath & Shower Set from 💖 Zen Creations


Tub [tintable inside and outside]

Shower curtain [hide and show option and tintable]

5 metal colours

Chair [5 textures]

Pitcher [4 textures]

Candle with holder

Snug Cabin Towel Ladder [tintable towels]


Some poses in the tub rez additional decor to fit the mood, and also give you items to wear – eg: bubbles, wine and books.

Also included is a large pack of towels and slippers for male and female.


Other items:

DIGS – Bathroom Floor Towel

Soy. Towel

Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains

hive // macrame hanging plant

Trompe Loeil – Camden Cove

Serenity Tub Set by Zen Creations

Serenity ZenSerenity Zen2Serenity Zen3Serenity Zen4Serenity Zen5Serenity Zen6Serenity Zen7Serenity Zen8

Serenity Tub Set by 💖 Zen Creations

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

Tub (with adult menu), 6 prims

Shower head with on/off water, 6 prims

Wooden arbor, 10 prims

Rug, 2 prims

Hanging towel on branch rack, 3 prims total

Wooden plank with candles, 4 prims

Hanging willows, 3 prims

Lantern, 3 prims

Jar candles, 2 prims each

Arbor and other items are NOT attached to tub, all items can be used separately

ADULT TUB/SHOWER MENU [183 couple animations & 30 singles]

Tub animations also include rez and wear props


The Murderous Mermaid

Snapshot_002Snapshot_003Snapshot_004Snapshot_005Snapshot_006Snapshot_007Snapshot_008Snapshot_009Snapshot_010Snapshot_011Snapshot_012Snapshot_013Snapshot_014Snapshot_015Snapshot_016Snapshot_018The Murderous Mermaidz


PocketGacha opens a new round and 💖 Fapple participates with The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom Gacha, which includes some pretty amazing prizes

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Aquarium Sink RARE has fish which you can choose to rez

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Cart holds your toiletry needs

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Plant

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Dive Helmet

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Brush someones gotta do it!

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Paper Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet with fun poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Pee to sit fun little sign

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Toilet Rolls Stack

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Mermaid Painting

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wood Shower Mat

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Shower BDSM RARE with single and couple poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Fluffy Stool

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Towel Hanger

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Towel Heater

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Shell Mobile click for sound and rotation, very relaxing

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Rug

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- BDSM Ceiling Rack RARE with single poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Bath Tub RARE with single and couple poses and props

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Nautical Lantern

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall Lights

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Mirror

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Sink Shelf

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Peen Towel Hanger

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Laundry Basket

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Closet

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Robe

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall no shadow

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall behind tub

-Fapple- MM Gacha- Wall Left Tub