Forever my Dove

Forever my DoveForever my Dove2Forever my Dove3


💖 |T|L|C| have created these adorable doves and scene for The Bloom Event, 15th April

Bloom Exclusive: ‘TLC Forever My Dove’, including animated Eurasian collared doves (in 2 texture versions)


TLC Racoons Campground

TLC Racoons CampgroundTLC Racoons Campground2TLC Racoons Campground3


This amazing set is from 💖 TLC, the TLC Racoons Campground is available at Cosmopolitan now and is 29li

other stuff:

!Six o’clock! Vintage Roulotte

GOOSE – Broken wall ( Seraphim’s 5th BD!)

DISORDERLY. / Lightly Rustic / Crates C88

THEBOX – Truck Bed

Kalopsia – Poppy’s Cello & Music Sheets

Kidd Grass

LB Katsura Tree

:Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER




💖 La Perla – Latifa outfit for The Darkness Monthly Event 5th January – consists of mesh boots, panties and top with colour hud, for Maitreya, Belleza all and Slink all.

💖 TLC Mangrove Snake linked to tree

TLC Polar Bears

Polar BearsqPolar BearsrPolar BearssPolar Bears


Gorgeous bears for you to own by 💖 |T|L|C| – These Polar Bears are available at Cosmopolitan, and come with adult standing and laying and cub standing and leaning, this scene with ice berg is also included and single iceberg to decorate as you wish. The bears are again lightly animated and seem to enjoy the company of Penguins also by 💖 |T|L|C| you can get the penguins here.

💖 |T|L|C| will be moving very soon, here are both LM’s until Dec8th – from Dec9th