💖 La Perla – Latifa outfit for The Darkness Monthly Event 5th January – consists of mesh boots, panties and top with colour hud, for Maitreya, Belleza all and Slink all.

💖 TLC Mangrove Snake linked to tree


TLC Polar Bears

Polar BearsqPolar BearsrPolar BearssPolar Bears


Gorgeous bears for you to own by 💖 |T|L|C| – These Polar Bears are available at Cosmopolitan, and come with adult standing and laying and cub standing and leaning, this scene with ice berg is also included and single iceberg to decorate as you wish. The bears are again lightly animated and seem to enjoy the company of Penguins also by 💖 |T|L|C| you can get the penguins here.

💖 |T|L|C| will be moving very soon, here are both LM’s until Dec8th – from Dec9th

Chubby Christmas Friends

Chubby Christmas FriendsdChubbyChristmasFriends


Another adorable set from 💖 Bee Designs, with some super cute visitors from 💖 TLC Penguins.

💖 Chubby Christmas Friends 1 RARE 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 2 RARE 2li

Chubby Christmas Friends 3 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 4 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 5 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 6 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 7 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 8 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 9 1li

Chubby Christmas Friends 10 1li IW Gacha Christmas Lane

💖 TLC Penguins including rock on MP

Lovely impressions

Lovely impressionszLovely impressions


💖 Heels – :::KC::: Claire Platforms mesh body compatible with large texture hud MP

💖 Necklace – .::Supernatural::. Hyuna [Black-Gold] Backdrop

💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – lovely impressions

💖 Pincher – TLC Pincher WIth Friend [Gacha]

💖 Dalmation – TLC Sleepy Dalmation [Gacha]

💖 Cushion – Fapple – The favorite’s Cushion

Lingerie – Dead Dollz – Mae

Resting in Moonlight – Stunning themed decor from |T|L|C|

.Resting in Moonlight
Resting in Moonlight
Black Swans
Black Swans
Floating Candle
Floating Candle
Mausoleum & Pond
Mausoleum & Pond
Moonlight Dragonflylilies set Gift
Moonlight Dragonfly/lilies set Gift
Redback Spider On Skull
Redback Spider On Skull
Redback Spider On Tree
Redback Spider On Tree
Scorpion On Skull
Scorpion On Skull
TLC Resting In Moonlight
TLC Resting In Moonlight


Resting in Moonlight – Stunning themed decor from 💖 |T|L|C| available at Cosmopolitan Event

💖 TLC Black Swan 3li

💖 TLC ‘Resting In Moonlight’ set 44li

💖 TLC Floating Candle 1li

💖 TLC Redback Spider On Tree 4li

💖 TLC Scorpion On Skull 2li

💖 TLC Redback Spider On Skull 2li

💖 TLC Moonlight Dragonfly/Liliy Set 2li [Lovely gift for Cosmopolitan Group]

Dining On Berries

Dining On BerriesxDining On BerriesyDining On BerrieszDining On Berries


Where to start… I love love love this little scene, the pigs are just adorable [I don’t think i’ll have bacon again ever!]

The scene is available in the fatpack which includes:

💖 TLC berry bush small

TLC berry bush tall

TLC Dining On Berries – full scenery

TLC hollow tree

TLC Piglet Laying in hollow tree

TLC Piglet Standing

TLC Piglet standing on Step

TLC Waxwing Collection with berry bushes [linked]

TLC Waxwing Perched_touch for sound on/off

TLC Waxwing Standing_touch for sound on/off

You can get yours @ The Seasons story

💖 TLC Dining On Berries – full scenery 21 li

|T|L|C| are participating at the Rock Your Rack event to raise funds for the Breast Cancer foundation

Garden with WingsvGarden with WingswGarden with WingsxGarden with WingsyGarden with WingszGarden with Wings


💖 |T|L|C| are participating at the Rock Your Rack event to raise funds for the Breast Cancer foundation.

Rock your Rack runs September 29 – October 13, event location: The Aftershock

> 100% donation exclusive item ‘|T|L|C| Butterfly bed’

> 100% donation exclusive 10L hunt item ‘|T|L|C| watering can’

> The complete set ‘|T|L|C| Garden with Wings’

I also used:

💖 |T|L|C| Wolf Laying

💖 |T|L|C| Heron

💖 |T|L|C| Male  White Peacock Tail Up

💖 |T|L|C| Hummingbird bush

💖 |T|L|C| Egret

💖 |T|L|C| Sunflower field with birds