Fapple – The Rodion Gacha for PocketGacha

Fapple - The Rodion GachagFapple - The Rodion GachahFapple - The Rodion GachaiFapple - The Rodion GachajFapple - The Rodion GachakFapple - The Rodion GachalFapple - The Rodion GachamFapple - The Rodion GachanFapple - The Rodion Gacha


💖 Fapple – The Rodion Gacha for PocketGacha MP

💖 Fapple– The Rodion Cage RARE 10li

Fapple- Rodion Spanking Chair RARE 3li

Fapple- The Rodion BDSM Pommel RARE 6li

Fapple- Pillory Drawers RARE 6li

Fapple- Rodion Lamp 8li

Fapple- The Spanking Guide 2li

Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack 6li

Fapple- Letter Cubes SAFE WORD 8li

Fapple- The Rodion Mask 2li

Fapple- Letter Cubes MY RULES 5li

Fapple- The dream of the mare 4li

Fapple- The murder of Alyona Ivanovna 1li

Fapple- Crime and Punishment Book 1li

Fapple- Silky Lube and Tissue 2li

Fapple- Letter Cube YZ!?@ 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube STUVWX 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube MNOPQR 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube GHIJKL 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube ABCDEF 1li

Fapple- Letter Cube BDSM Pictures 1li

Fapple- Rubber Carpet 2li

Fapple- Rodion Wall Table 2li


The Casanova Shelf

The Casanova ShelftTheCasanovaShelf


Coming very soon from 💖 Fapple– The Casanova Shelf – the finest craftsmanship we have come to adore 11li available soon at The Men’s Department January 6th

💖 Shelf – Fapple– The Casanova Shelf @ TMD

Desk – Fapple- The Traveler’s Desk

Desk Chair – Fapple- The Traveler’s Chair Adult/BDSM

Fireplace – 3. Fapple- Candle Heart RARE [Gacha]

Chair – Fapple- Tolstoj Arm Chair Adult/BDSM

Rug – Fapple- Tolstoj Rug

Lamp – Fapple- Tolstoj Floor Lamp

Background – VARONIS – Noir Background

Time to get comfortable

Time to get comfortableuTime to get comfortablevTime to get comfortablewTime to get comfortablexTime to get comfortableyTime to get comfortablezTime to get comfortablezzTime to get comfortable

zzzTime to get comfortable
Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha @ Imaginarium Event
zzzzTime to get comfortable
Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bags @ TMD


Good luck to everyone with these fab gacha releases from 💖 Bee Designs and 💖 Fapple, they are so amazing and make ideal decorations for your home.

Firstly 💖 Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha @ Imaginarium Event

💖 Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 1 RARE 1li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 2 RARE 2li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 3 1li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 4 3li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 5 1li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 6 6li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 7 1li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 8 1li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 9 2li

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 10 1li

IW MP Gacha Christmas Lane

And now 💖 Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bags @ TMD an amazing collection of bean bags all with single and couple menu’s, the fireplace and decor is just beautifully crafted too.

💖 1. Fapple– Santa Bean Bag RARE 4li

1.Fapple- Cat Bean Black 4li

2. Fapple- Rudolf Bean Bag RARE 5li

3. Fapple- Candle Heart RARE 10li

8. Fapple- Unicorn Bean 4li

15. Fapple- Deer Calendar 1li

16. Fapple- Tree Rug 3li

17. Fapple- Christmas Stockings 4li

18. Fapple- Milk and Cookies 4li


Missing you

Missing younMissing youoMissing youpMissing you


💖 Top pic – [DB]Poses – “missing you”

💖 Bed – Fapple – Cute Slave Bed – Includes large texture hud, mix and match wood, lid and bedding, comprehensive menu with fun activities also included.




💖 Lingerie/Boots – LA PERLA – Camren Set, comes with colour hud 10 for lingerie & boots, mesh body compatible, available at Designer Showcase.

💖 Bed – Fapple– The little slave bed, comes with rug and texture hud for bed

Hair – MINA – Eden – Blonds  [inc blindfold] @ Kinky Event

Poses – Foxcity




💖 Anklets – .::Supernatural::. Tishy Anklets

💖 Heels – Glamistry : IRIS Heels

💖 Statues – Fapple– Mesh Statuettes FATPACK, includes mini statues, life size and a castle display shelf.

More statue photos here

Lovely impressions

Lovely impressionszLovely impressions


💖 Heels – :::KC::: Claire Platforms mesh body compatible with large texture hud MP

💖 Necklace – .::Supernatural::. Hyuna [Black-Gold] Backdrop

💖 Pose – [DB]Poses – lovely impressions

💖 Pincher – TLC Pincher WIth Friend [Gacha]

💖 Dalmation – TLC Sleepy Dalmation [Gacha]

💖 Cushion – Fapple – The favorite’s Cushion

Lingerie – Dead Dollz – Mae