Japanese Ofuro Tub Room2Japanese Ofuro Tub Room3Japanese Ofuro Tub Room4

From 💖 Zen Creations Japanese Ofuro Tub Room
Tub (with adult menu), with towel remove on touch, 6 prims total
Tap, free standing, 2 prims
Stone/wood base, 5 prims
Wooden stool, 1 prim
Stone pond, 2 prims
Rocks with bamboo plant, 4 prims total
House statue, 1 prim
Dragon wall lantern, 3 prims
Japanese walls, four different walls, 1 prim each
Stone pathway, 1 prim
Floor shelf, 1 prim each section
Grass, 1 prim each bunch
Ground terrain, 1 prim each
Set changes color and size using a HUD

From 💖 Zen Creations Stone Candle Set
Includes stone candles and wooden bowl. 8 prims for all candles and bowl shown. Touch to turn all flames on/off. Two solo candles are also included, they are not attached and function separately.
*Towel not included


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