Nagusami Tub Room2Nagusami Tub Room3Nagusami Tub Room4Nagusami Tub Room5Nagusami Tub Room6Nagusami Tub Room7

From 💖 Zen Creations Nagusami Tub Room
Set includes:
Tub (with Adult menu), 7 prims
Vanity sink, with 10 solo animations of wash face/hands, shave, brush teeth, admire in mirror, etc, water on/off option, 5 prims
Bench with 9 solo animations, 2 prims
Hanging towel, 1 prim
Tree branches, 2 prims
Art work, 1 prim
Rug, 2 prims
Towels, set of two, 2 prims total
Wall, 1 prim [touch texture change]
Ladies & mens complimentary mesh body towels (to be worn)

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