The Den Livingroom2The Den Livingroom3The Den Livingroom4The Den Livingroom5The Den Livingroom6The Den Livingroom7The Den Livingroom8

From 💖 Zen Creations The Den Livingroom
Set includes (all items are re sizable):
Futon Sofa (with menu), 7 prims
Coffee table, 1 prim
Barrel table, 1 prim
Steel chair with 9 solo animations, 3 prims
Pot belly fireplace store with 9 solo animations and fire on/off, 7 prims
Hanging lamp with light on/off, 2 prims
Wall art, 1 prim each
Table frame, 3 prims
Ashtray, 2 prims
Magazines, 2 prims total
Set changes color and size using a HUD
Adult Menu & Single sits

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