Chalet Bedroom2Chalet Bedroom3Chalet Bedroom4Chalet Bedroom5

💖 From Zen Creations Chalet Bedroom [Adult Menu]
Set includes:
Bed (with adult menu), very detailed, 23 prims
Fireplace (with adult menu), working fire, 4 prims
Chandelier, 5 prims
Bedside table, 2 prims
Candles, 2 prims each
Fireplace mirror, 6 prims
Set changes color and size using a HUD
Large pillows hide/show on touch making flat sleeping pillows appear. Hanging blanket on foot board hides/shows on touch. Each pillow and blanket change texture separately, giving you unlimited color combinations. Mattress can be tinted too.
*Art is from Zen Creations Essentials Bed Set

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