Rustic Medieval Bed Set2Rustic Medieval Bed Set3Rustic Medieval Bed Set4Rustic Medieval Bed Set5Rustic Medieval Bed Set6Rustic Medieval Bed Set7Rustic Medieval Bed Set8Rustic Medieval Bed Set9Rustic Medieval Bed Set10Rustic Medieval Bed Set11Rustic Medieval Bed Set12

💖 Rustic Medieval Bed Set (Adult Menu) from Zen Creations
Blanket has 20 textures
Pillows, rug and table cloth each have 4 textures
sit on fireplace for animations
touch fire logs to turn fire on/off
touch lantern to turn flame on/off
Rustic Medieval Bed 8li
Rustic Medieval Fireplace 3li
Rustic Medieval Vase 1li
Rustic Medieval Horn 1li
Rustic Medieval Cow Skin Rug 2li
Lantern 2li
Rustic Medieval Night Table 1li

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