The Vulture Society2The Vulture Society3The Vulture Society4The Vulture Society5The Vulture Society6The Vulture Society7

💖 Outfit – *!* Zoe Color – Fitted for EVE & Maitreya bodies. Texture hud mix and match, dress, side and inner dress. Just stunning!
💖 Heels – *!* Lili Spider Boots – Fitted for EVE, Maitreya & Slink
💖 Body – *!* EVE  slim V9.1
💖 Head – *!* EVE‘olution-head-Beta 4b BENTO
💖 Vultures – TLC ‘The Vulture Society’, 2 wing and 3 texture versions, sound on/off, 3-6 LI, copy modify @ SALEM until October 31
💖 Pond/Tomb – TLC ‘Resting In Moonlight’ set

Hair – TRUTH VIP December – Tinsley
Hat – *LODE* Headwear – Black Pitch

WL – Annan Adored Comfortably Numb

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