Devonshire Living2Devonshire Living3Devonshire Living4Devonshire Living5

From 💖 Zen Creations Devonshire Livingroom [Adult Menu]
Devonshire Sofa 10li
Devonshire Armchair 3li
Devonshire Book Collection 2li
Devonshire Standing Lamp 3li
Devonshire Trunk Table 8li
Mug 1li
Book  1li
Devonshire Tray 1li
Candle 1 & Candle 2 2li each
Rug 2li
Devonshire Art 1 & Devonshire Art 2 1li each

Scarlet Creative Prairie Cottages
WL – [SS] Atmospheric 12:00 midday6b

One thought on “Devonshire Livingroom

  1. Amazing photography, love the angle on this photograph and how you switched up the items differently, room looks inviting and makes you want to sit on that sofa, love it, wonderful single shots and so much work has been put into them, thank you!

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