The Whiteness Hanging Sofa2The Whiteness Hanging Sofa3The Whiteness Hanging Sofa4The Whiteness Hanging Sofa5The Whiteness Hanging Sofa6

Exclusive from 💖 .:Tm:.Creation for The Trunk Show [Open 19th August [1PM SLT] to 18 September,2018]

10% Discount

Avalable in  💖 .:Tm:.Creation store after 20 September,2018
💖 .:Tm:.Creation The Whiteness Hanging Sofa with anims. Sw2
100% ORIGINAL MESH – Available in PG or Adult version – Permission COPY/MOD/NO TRANSF:
The Whiteness: Hanging Sofa with swinging motion on/off  (button located in poses menu)  with single and couple animations.
No Poseball – No static poses – Scene Sequence play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each) – Bento animations included. Prim count: 8 (LI)
Frame with flowers Prim count: 10 (LI)
Extra Decors: Ground cover pink flowers: Prim count: 1 (LI)
You can decide to use only the swing or use it together with the frame, and/or remove the flowers. You can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish
PG Version: 226 animations 30 sec loop x each: 79 PG couple poses – 6 PG Scene Sequence for couple – Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 76 poses)
ADULT Version: 302 animations 30 sec loop x each: 79 PG + 38 ADULT couple poses – 6 PG + 4 ADULT Scene Sequence  for couple – Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 76 poses)
*after positionating or rotate or move  the swing reset the script of swinging before turn on swing motion. Type in chat /22 reset

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