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Studio Kitchenette (Adult Menu) From 💖 Zen Creations

Included in this set [it might be easier to list what isn’t in this set as i’m a bit lazy today lol]

Studio Kitchen Table 4li [animated and texture change]

Studio Stool 2li [animated and texture change]

Studio Water Cooler 3li [animated]

Studio Stove 9li [animated]

Studio Sink Cabinet  7li [animated]

Studio Kitchenette Cabinet 2li [i copied more in the pics to showcase the appliances]

Studio Fridge 5li [animated & open/close door]

Studio Ceiling Lamp 2li [touch for light]

Rug 4li

– Animations located in fridge, table, sink, stove counter, stools and water cooler

– Touch lights to change lighting options

– Touch fridge door to open/close

also included:

Zen Food Rezzing System, this is cute little place mat with a menu and choose which food or drink you want to have!

Crocks, Pots & Pans

Small Appliances

& Dishware & more

Certain poses will also rez props for you, or offer them to you in inventory to wear


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