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Zen Spa (Adult Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

This relaxing area is ideal for those spa treatments, to relax or just massage your loved one, after a hard day.


Zen Spa Table 12li [12 cloth textures] steps are linked

Rug – Zen spa Workout Rug 3li [6 textures]

Zen Spa – Folding table 1li

Zen Spa – Flower 3li

Single candle 1 2li

Single candle 2 2li

Zen Spa Room Divider 3li

Zen Spa – Shelf 3li

Zen Spa – Figurine 1 3li

Zen Spa – Figurine 2 3li

Zen Spa Branch Towel Holder 3li

Zen Spa Floor Shelf 3li

Rolled towels 1li

Folded towel 1 2li

Folded towel 2 2li

Zen Spa Feel Art 1li

Zen Spa Very Art 1li

Zen Spa Good Art 1li

The wood has 5 textures, touch step stool to disappear/reappear & sit on rug for rug animation menu.

This set also includes complimentary towels, wraps, robes and slippers for men and women.



Scarlet Creative Kaelyn Pleiades Cabin

Sway’s [Laurel] Window Blind


💖 DarkFire June Shorts

💖 DarkFire June Tube Top

Moon. Hair. // Imagination


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