Earthtone Bedroom2Earthtone Bedroom3Earthtone Bedroom4Earthtone Bedroom5Earthtone Bedroom6Earthtone Bedroom7Earthtone Bedroom8

Earthtone Bedroom (Adult Menu) from 💖 Zen Creations

Stylish and peaceful feel to this room:

Earthtone Bed 14li [back pillows 16 textures, front pillows 7, blanket 16, mattress 7 textures]

Earthtone Basket [under bed storage] 1li each

Earthtone Folded Blankets 1li each

Earthtone Stool 2li [9 textures]

Earthtone Books 1 2li

Earthtone Books 2 3li

Earthtone Books 3 2li

Earthtone Night Table 2li

Earthtone Willow Vase 1 2li

Earthtone Willow Vase 2 3li

Earthtone Wall Lamp 2li

Earthtone Art 1 1li

Earthtone Art 2 1li

3 textures for wood


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