Bohemian Pohodli PodBohemian Pohodli Pod1Bohemian Pohodli Pod2Bohemian Pohodli Pod3Bohemian Pohodli Pod4Bohemian Pohodli Pod5

Bohemian Pohodli Pod 10li available in PG & Adult by 💖 Zen Creations

Blanket[24 textures], 4 pillows [39 textures] , rug [5], cloth [9], lamp [4], each pot [pot 1, 3 textures, pots 2 & 3 5 textures], wicker [11] and table [4] all texture hud, you can also resize too.

Bohemian Pohodli Wall Hanging 6li

Pod Rope 1li

Optional Pod Floor Shadow 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Hooka 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Wool Rug 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Table 1li

Fur Rug 2li

Plant 1 6li

Plant 2  2li

Plant 3 2li

Bohemian Pohodli Beaded Wall Texture 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Hanging Lights 18li

Bohemian Pohodli light 3li

Bohemian Pohodli Guitar 1li

Bohemian Pohodli Guitar stand 1li



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