Spotlight on mesh heads in Second Life “Elen” by AKERUKA

ElenPicMonkey Collage

Pic 01

  1. Applier – Insol: Skin applier Oksana, Tone -BEIGE-

Pic 02

  1. Akeruka Tone 04
  2. *ScS* Natural Eyebrows Blonde

Personal notes:

I do love the look of this head, this is why I persevere with it.

I did demo the head before purchase, BUT I did not try it with many of my hairs.

Sadly none of my fitted or rigged mesh hair fit on this head, as it is too small.

Resizing and altering my shape doesn’t help, as when i make my head larger the fitted mesh hair gets bigger.

I do use the alpha supplied as using mesh eyes won’t work when you use the animations.

Also a tip for those who like to wear their own ears, add them to skull, that way when you use an animation they won’t end up on your shoulders ^^

She is very pretty, [girl next door look, depending on the skin you use]

I bought her when there was an offer on for group members for only L$899

So apart from the hair issue, I still wear her and love her.


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